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Carb Stopper™

A safe natural product (beans) that soaks up the Alpha Amalase in your stomach ( Alpha Amalase is the enzyme that turns starches into sugars which are then stored as fat). The starches (and sugars) hit your stomach and there is nothing there to digest them. They pass through your system undigested. The result is free carbohydrates. For example with a sandwich you get the filling, not the bread and with spaghetti you get the sauce, not the spaghetti!
One Carb Stopper tablet will block the digestion of 400 calories of starch or 100 calories of sugar!

Fat Stopper + ™

It handles the fat! Forty times more powerful than other fat blocker products, one Fat Stopper+ tablet blocks the digestion of 7-9 pats of butter...and it's all natural!Think about it. If you can block the calories of starches, sugars and fats, a piece of Dutch Apple Pie with a slab of Vanilla Ice Cream nets you only 10 calories!!!
French Fries are free! You get zero calories!
 Do you think you could stay on a diet like that?  

Mineral Magic

The diva of them all! According to U.S. Gov't Documents, 99% of the American people are deficient in minerals and a deficiency in one of the more important minerals are attributed to the results in increased disease. Mineral Magic contains aloe vera, Pau d'Arco, Cranberry, Victoria Morton's Slendertone minerals, and much more.


Nature's Waters

Spray on areas where you have unwanted orange peel skin, lumps or bumps. It helps reduce the appearance of cellulite.


Nature's Waters

Spray it on your face, eyes, feet, swollen fingers or any other puffy areas to help relieve puffiness.


Nature's Waters
Skin Tight

Lightning fast, this one works miracles, vanishing tiny "crows feet" around the eyes while diminishing deeper creases around the face and neck. Spray on the face and neck. Spray on only half the face and compare!


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